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Couples Interview - 839 Words

Essay TWO – Married Couples Interview Interview three (3) married couples or persons in a long-standing committed relationship regarding the factors that contributed to their choice of spouse/partner. Interview both persons in the relationship. Make sure you have collected a consent form signed by each couple interviewed. The essay will not be graded without signed consent forms. The essay is to be 5 pages to no more pages than 7 pages in length (not counting the title page and the reference page). Use APA style referencing with the text as your only resource. Set up your essay as follows: I. Title Page - single page with paper title, presented to, name and date. II. Abstract - optional III. Introduction – introduce your†¦show more content†¦(Chapter 6) V. Summary - Summarize your findings. Your summary should be at least one page in length. You should include at least two text references in your summary. Points to include: a. Contrast and compare the couples. b. Do you think they chose their spouse based on what they told you? c. What is your personal reaction about the interviewed couples? VI. Reference Page – The reference page should be a separate page. The reference page should be single-spaced. Since you are only using the text for references, you will only have one text reference on this page. Cite the reference appropriately. Hint: REFERENCE Lamanna, M. A. Riedmann, A. (2012). Marriages, Families, Relationships: Making Choices in a Diverse Society, 11th Edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Other Instructions: When you cite your text, you need to relate the support. Do not just cite the support without an explanation of why you are using the reference. Make sure when you cite you include the source with page number, eg, (Lamanna Riedmann, pg. 65). DO NOT use outside resources, just the current text. Do not write the definition of your reference word for word, but paraphrase and cite appropriately. A common mistake made by students is spelling of the author’s names. Make sure you proofread the reference spelling in addition to proofreading for spelling and grammar. Other Instructions: ïÆ'Ëœ Submit the essay on or before theShow MoreRelatedInterview with a Couple1839 Words   |  7 Pages1. Question: Share some of the background of your interviewee (or couple). What was this person’s/couple’s story? I interviewed a woman name Jodi. This was an amazing interview that I made with a couple. This interview was quite educational, challenging and rewarding. Through this interview I expanded my knowledge regarding cultural factors that can helpful for the couple in order to form their identity in a unique way. The couple traced their historical background back to North Canton Ohio. JodiRead MoreAs For The Second Couple, It Comprises Of Chandini, A Canadian-Born1844 Words   |  8 PagesAs for the second couple, it comprises of Chandini, a Canadian-born Sri Lankan woman and her French-Canadian boyfriend, Jon (see Photo 2). Chandini and Jon are in their late twenties and have been dating each other for over 4 years. The couple first met at a party thrown by mutual friends. They will be moving in together for the first time during the summer. While Chandini was not seeking her parents’ approval in regard to her moving out, she was still very nervous to announce to them that she w asRead MoreCouple Interview - Marital Challenges Essay1463 Words   |  6 PagesI interviewed John and Cindy about their marriage and the challenges they’ve faced together as a married couple. I am encouraged by their relationship and have decided to use their relationship as a model for my second interview. John and Cindy have been married for almost 5 years. In addition to this union, there is McKenna, Cindy’s son. They are a blended family, of course, and are part of the more modern structure of families in our society. When reflecting upon their ideas about marriage, priorRead More A Couple Interview with Regina and Mike Smith Essay1678 Words   |  7 Pagesother. After conducting an interview with Darlene and Mike Smith it became very evident that theirs was a seemingly balanced and harmonious relationship. The interview asked questions about how things like their backgrounds, challenges together, boundaries, family interactions, and spirituality have developed into a family and marriage relationship that successfully navigates through life together. Background The Process of the Interview The couple walked into the interview with a very happy demeanorRead MoreA comparison between a girl of 8 years old and one of 16 years old, talking about who they are1422 Words   |  6 Pagesthink about themselves. Participants The persons who were interviewed were two girls, a 8 years old from a primary school called Annie and a 16 years old from secondary school, called Kirsty. Both of them were from Milton Keynes. Materials The interviews were conducted by two members of the ED209 module team: Kieron Sheeby with the younger girl and Peter Barnes with the older girl. Procedure Two schools, one primary and one secondary, from Milton Keynes were approach to identify children who areRead MoreSexual Assault Of A 9 Year Old Juvenile Female1262 Words   |  6 Pagesforensic interview with Deja to be interviewed at Kids’ Space Child Advocacy Center. The interview took place after hours at approximately 9:00 PM. Deja was interviewed by a trained forensic interviewer, Megan Merrill. Due to the interview taking place after hours and the case not being assigned until the following day, I was unable to be present at the time of the interview. However, I have since observed a copy of that interview. The following is a summary of the forensic interview conductedRead MoreGirl Model Documentary998 Words   |  4 Pagesfollow in Ashleys path and run into the same problems that she had. The film exposes Ashley for her bold lies and manipulation of girls whose psyche she understands, yet exploits anyway. The filmmakers included interviews with the heads of the different agencies. In those interviews the executives claim they are helping the models and that they’re doing everything they can to save the girls. In reality, the girls leave Japan in debt to the company, and are signed into contracts that can be changedRead MorePeppercorn Dining Essay675 Words   |  3 Pagesconsultants’ data collection involves gathering information on specific organizational features, based on personal interviews and observations. They also examined the organizational mission statements, records, rules, regulations and policies in order to gain information about the unit’s structure. Since Erica was a former student manager at the dining unit couple of years ago, she took over the interviews with the employees because it was easier for them to speak with a familiar face than a complete strangerRead MoreQualitative Method Of Face With A New Pasta Dish Essay1429 Words   |  6 Page s1.1) Qualitative Method of Face to Face Interviewing: For this case, James has decided to implement Face to Face interview procedure, which is the best strategy for talking to customers directly. As the current condition to introduce a new pasta dish demands more of qualitative or perception based information rather than quantitative information. Qualitative method can derives appropriate information required for the situation, hence it is recommended to James to make the most of it. SubjectiveRead MoreThe Oral History Project : I Interviewed My Grandmother1021 Words   |  5 Pagesmake sure she was okay with an interview and that if she wasn’t comfortable with anything she can tell me. She said she was really happy to tell information about herself and that she would be comfortable to say anything. On that day, we sat together at her dining room table and I started the recording with my phone. I asked her questions and she responded with great answers. She didn’t know everything of course, but she replied the best she co uld. I believe the interview went really well and it felt

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Abnormal Psychology Free Essay Example, 1250 words

Man’s desires are determined by nature and are not to be denied. The Stoics stressed the need to assert the will so as to deny the impulses. The two schools’ metaphysics came to greatly influence their view on mental disorder (and as a consequence the nineteenth century’s view of the same). The Epicureans believed that all existence was atomic, that is material. What in the philosophy of Kant was to be found in the distinction between the transcendent and the immanent, the Epicureans claimed that all phenomena existed in this, the physical, realm (the immanent). All matter consisted of atoms. More important for the question of madness, the Epicureans asserted an important claim related to psychology. Epicurean philosophy begins with a psychological claim that all knowledge originates in sensation. The material organization of the body is such that experience becomes recorded in memory and can be revived in the form of concepts. By association, these concepts co me to stand for the items originally given in experience. ..All experience is the outcome of interactions. ..between material entities-the matter of the world and the matter of the sense organs. We will write a custom essay sample on Abnormal Psychology or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now (Robinson 1986, p. 99) This contrasted with the Stoic view of human knowledge and existence as being transcendental. As opposed to an atomic basis of existence, the Stoics believed â€Å"that a rational principle (logos) guides the universe. ..† (Robinson 1986, p. 100). For the Stoics there was a â€Å"fifth element† which formed the basis of things and which was beyond human perception. There were, according to them, laws of nature, but it was the human will and soul which allowed man to resist desire and thus the universe. One school held that everything was a product of the body, the other that all was a product of the mind. The ancients subscribed to a belief that mental illness was a sign of the â€Å"anger of the gods†. This did not stop some from investigating and speculating as to the true cause of madness. The battle in the nineteenth century between psychogenic and somatogenic interpretations of human psychology finds its origins with the Stoic and Epicurean argument over t he nature of human thought (and thus madness). Psychogenic is made up of the Greek words for â€Å"soul† (psyche) and â€Å"origin† (genesis). Somatogenic comes from â€Å"body† (soma) and â€Å"origin† (genesis). Thus psychogenic means â€Å"soul-originating† and somatogenic means â€Å"body-originating†. Epicurean materialism could not accept a transcendent soul.

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Why College Is Not Home Essay - 1475 Words

The concept of leaving home and entering a community of unfamiliar faces can be scary for any incoming college student. Within a matter of few short weeks, home goes from the house that you grew up in to the room you share with a stranger and live out of. The main purpose of college is to prepare young adults for the professional world. For many first year student’s college is the first time that they are living without some type of parental supervision. This is meant to help them grow and mature in to a full adult and prepare them for professional life. The more a student feels at home at college the more that they will rely on other people for their own well-being, as they did at home. I can agree with the â€Å"The Sheltering Campus: Why College is Not Home† and â€Å"How to Get a Real Education† ideas of students becoming too dependent on administration for their interactions on campus and not helping themselves find their own identity. From my own personal e xperience thus far in college, I do find it extremely important to find a place you can be yourself. The older a person gets the more they are expected to adapt to changes in their life. Moving out of the house and into a college dorm room is one of the most common changes young adults face. When arriving at school a student is expected to be able to take on responsibilities of living on their own. Responsibilities that a college student faces are as simple as things like keeping up on grades, the laundry, keeping yourselfShow MoreRelatedThe Changing Transition Of Adulthood By Goldscheider Goldsheider And Echoboomerang By Pamela Paul1617 Words   |  7 Pagescomes to studying the reasons why children leave and then return home to live with their parents. Both use facts, statistic and dates to provide information to prove their theories. Both use cohorts which are groupings of generational time periods in history. They agree that the main pathway, children choose in seeking to become an adult out of their parents’ house, is college. The reasons why young adult children may return home to live is to finish paying off college loans and fees that were accumulatedRead MoreDaily Routines Essays782 Words   |  4 PagesBefore College | After College | Sunday | My daily routine before college on a Sunday was to attend church service and was to decide what our Sunday dinner plans were. | My daily routine now that I am enrolled in college on a Sunday are to attend church service, decide what our Sunday dinner plans are, and to make sure that all of my assignments and discussion questions are submitted, and all participation posts are completed for the week. . | Monday | My daily routine before college on MondaysRead MoreEssay about Home Schooling: A Form of Education on the Rise913 Words   |  4 Pages Being home schooled is a form of education that is on the rise. More and more people turn to their own homes, friends, and families to teach their children. Home schooling is defined by Arizona Families for Home Education as â€Å"†¦parent-led, family-funded, relationship-based education of a child at home.† (AFHE) In short, home schooling is when a parent is the primary teacher for his or her child or children. The purpose of this paper is to explain to the reader why homeschooling is a viable alternativeRead MoreStudent College Debt Intertwined With The Expensive Economy867 Words   |  4 Pagesstudent college debt intertwined with the expensive economy. The idea that a better and furthered education will bring you more success is why millions even make college loans an option. It is believed, that the two elements of education and employment coincide with one another. The idea of being employed is a necessity in modern day. There is a focus on getting an education to determine your success. Although attending school is appreciable, it also comes with its issues that make college appearRead MoreAfrican American Students and Equal Education 786 Words   |  4 Pagespredominantly white colleges and universities. As clichà © as it sounds, it is true that many African American students come from very harsh and poverty stricken environments. They tend to go to under resourced schools as well that do not provide the proper knowledge for them to further their education. And even worse, these schools tend to be segregated since they are usually in the harsher parts of a neighborhood. Sadly, it’s the segregated schools are one of the main reasons why black students decideRead MoreThe Life of a College Football Player979 Words   |  4 Pages(1)Most people think college football players just party all year long. Most people think being college football players is easy and all fun and games but it is not. Playing college football is very challenging and it takes a lot of hard work. You need to be committed and dedicated 100% that is why some college football players today give up they were not cut to do all the work. Playing college football requires training 24/7. You have practice every d ay long and hard. Even in the off season thereRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School1357 Words   |  6 PagesWhen you think of students in college you think of hard homework assignments, long essays with short due dates, the last minute studying for exams and of course the partying that everyone looks forward to when it comes to being in college. Do you ever think about what happens when you don’t do the homework, not turn in the essay on time and do horrible on the exams and party a little too much? When this happens, grades tend to fall and when grades tend to fall it usually means you’re not doing whatRead MoreCollege Athletes Should Not Be Paid1263 Words   |  6 PagesStudent athletes, supported by colleges, bring in some of the most significant amounts of money to their college, but what do they get in return, nothing! What would it feel like to work so hard at something you love and are good at, but get nothing back from it. College athletes bring in enough money to the coll ege to be able to get a little something back for the effort it takes. The amount of time college athletes spend on their sport takes away a huge chunk of time that could be used for moreRead MoreFamily Structure Affects Students Academic Life878 Words   |  4 PagesFamily structure affects students’ academic Life Colleen Wenke, a graduate from Boston College, wrote an essay â€Å"Too Much Pressure†. In the essay Wenke states that the pressure of cheating in school was difficult to overcome because everyone was doing it. She also gives different examples in her essay to illustrate how overcoming cheating was difficult for some students in the 1990s. Cheating can increase by the lack of morality in school and family, family stress on children, and anxiety of failureRead MoreShould Young Singles Leave Home Before They Are Married?1289 Words   |  6 PagesShould young singles leave home before they are married? It is a worldwide social fact: the young singles that will not run away. â€Å"The Italians call them mammon, or mama s boys. The Japanese call them parasaito shinguru, or parasite singles. In the United States they are known as boomerangs, and in the U.K., they are called Kippers, which is short for kids in parents pockets eroding retirement savings. (Smith) Also, â€Å"Larger shares of young women are living at home with their parents or

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What Is International Strategic Management Critically Examine the Course of Strategic Decision Making, Identifying the Types, Processes and Implication for Managers free essay sample

1. 0Definition: International Strategic Management is a planning process of developing international strategy in the direction of achieving strategic-fit between the organisations competence resources and the global environment under which it tends to operate. It is an ongoing process that adhere an organization to compete in an international scenario. International Strategic Management (ISM) is an ongoing management planning process aimed at developing strategies to allow an organization to expand abroad and compete internationally. Strategic planning is used in the process of developing a particular international strategy. An organization must be able to determine what products or services they intend to sell, where and how the organization will make these products or services, where they will sell them, and how the organization will acquire the necessary resources for these tasks. Even more importantly an organization must have a strategy on how it expects to outperform its competitors. 2. 00The Course of Strategic Decision Making, the Types processes and Implication for the Managers 2. We will write a custom essay sample on What Is International Strategic Management? Critically Examine the Course of Strategic Decision Making, Identifying the Types, Processes and Implication for Managers or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 01Course of Strategic Decision Making: Strategy formulation is the process of deciding best course of action for accomplishing organizational objectives and hence achieving organizational purpose. After conducting environment scanning, managers formulate corporate, business and functional strategies The initial task in strategic management is typically the compilation and dissemination of a mission statement. This document outlines, in essence, the raison detre of an organization. Additionally, it specifies the scope of activities an organization wishes to undertake, coupled with the markets a firm wishes to serve. Following the devising of a mission statement, a firm would then undertake an environmental scanning within the purview of the statement. Strategic formation is a combination of three main processes which are as follows: †¢Performing a situation analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis: both internal and external; both micro-environmental and macro-environmental. †¢Concurrent with this assessment, objectives are set. These objectives should be parallel to a time-line; some are in the short-term and others on the long-term. This involves crafting vision statements (long term view of a possible future), mission statements (the role that the organization gives itself in society), overall corporate objectives (both financial and strategic), strategic business unit objectives (both financial and strategic), and tactical objectives 2. 02The Types processes and Implication for the Managers 2. 01Researchers since Mintzberg et al. have focused on identifying and describing the major categories or types of strategic decision processes. In perhaps the most extensive study of strategic decision processes to date, Hickson, Butler, Cray, Mallory, and Wilson (1986) examined 150 decision processes in British organizations and developed a typology which included three basic types of processes; fluid, constricted, and sporadic. (i)A fluid decision process is one that is steadily paced, formally channeled, and speedy. (ii)A constricted process is one that is narrowly channeled. It is moderately restricted in terms of the effort made to obtain information and in terms of the number of organizational members who participate in the decision. iii)Finally, a sporadic process is one that is spasmodic, protracted, and contains many interrupts and recycles Furthermore, Hart (1992) synthesized earlier research on strategic decision models and developed his own integrative framework which included five styles of strategy making processes. (i)The command mode, in which strategy is driven by the organizations leader or by a small top m anagement team. (ii)The symbolic mode. In this mode, strategy is driven by the organizations mission and vision of the future. (iii)The rational mode, in which strategy is driven by formal structure and planning systems. iv)The transactive mode, strategy formulation is driven by internal processes and mutual adjustment. (v)The generative mode, strategy is most strongly influenced by the initiative of organizational actors. Strategic Decision Models and Characteristics For the past few decades, researchers have attempted to model the strategic decision process and identify the major types or categories of strategic decisions. This is a difficult task since strategic decisions are often described as unstructured, unprogrammed, and messy. Mintzberg, Raisinghani, and Theoret (1976) provided an early attempt at modeling the process of strategic decision making and identified three major phases with subroutines or subphases within each. These included the following: THE IDENTIFICATION PHASE 1. The Decision Recognition Routine: Opportunities, problems, and crises are recognized and evoke decisional activity. 2. The Diagnosis Routine: Information relevant to opportunities, problems, and crises is collected and problems are more clearly identified. THE DEVELOPMENT PHASE . The Search Routine: Organizational decision makers go through a number of activities to generate alternative solutions to problems. 4. The Design Routine: Ready-made solutions which have been identified are modified to fit the particular problem or new solutions are designed. THE SELECTION PHASE 5. The Screen Routine: This routine is activated when the search routine identifies more alternatives than can be intensively evaluated. Alternatives are quickly s canned and the most obviously infeasible are eliminated. 6. The Evaluation-Choice Routine: An alternative is chosen either through a process of analysis and judgment or a process of bargaining among decision makers. 7. The Authorization Routine: When the individual making the decision does not have the authority to commit the organization to a course of action, the decision must move up the organizational hierarchy until it reaches a level at which the necessary authority resides. Strategy Evaluation and choice An environmental scan will highlight all pertinent aspects that affect an organization, whether external or sector/industry-based. Such an occurrence will also uncover areas to capitalize on, in addition to areas in which expansion may be unwise. These options, once identified, have to be vetted and screened by an organization. In addition to ascertaining the suitability, feasibility and acceptability of an option, the actual modes of progress have to be determined. These pertain to: +Implication for Managers The strategic management process means defining the organization’s strategy. It is also defined as the process by which managers make a choice of a set f strategies for the organization that will enable it to achieve better performance. Strategic management is a continuous process that appraises the business and industries in which the organization is involved; appraises it’s competitors; and fixes goals to meet all the present and future competitor’s and then reassesses each strategy. Therefore, a manager with sound strategy that is result oriented, would not only perform well, by ensu ring that his organization compete creditable with other organization, but would also be promoted to a higher level, up to the chairman/chief executive of the organization.

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30+ Writing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

30+ Writing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To 30+ Writing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Well†¦ don’t try to listen to all these writing podcasts - or you’ll never get any writing done!With the massive popularity of audiobooks and podcasts, you could easily say that we’re in an era of ‘peak audio content’ - and for book fans and budding writers, there’s never been a better time to get intimate advice from a range of voices. To celebrate the second season of Reedsy's Bestseller podcast, we’re giving you the skinny on some of the best writing podcasts around.Publishing and Self-PublishingPublishing a book is no easy feat. And if you choose to do it yourself by going down the independent publishing route, there’s a lot you’ll need to learn about marketing, design, and distribution. Thankfully, you won’t be short on great advice from those who have done it before.Bestseller by Reedsyâ€Å"The definitive insider's guide to our current golden age of television.†Ben Blacker of The Thrilling Adven ture Hour lets his listeners eavesdrop into conversation with some of the biggest names in television writing. If you dream of writing TV drama, or are just a Netflix addict, you’ll want to tune in for his talks with the likes of Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Damon Lindelof (Lost).Have we missed out your favorite podcast? Drop a message in the comments below and let us know!

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The Top Degrees and Majors for High Lifetime Salaries

The Top Degrees and Majors for High Lifetime Salaries If you have the resources and opportunity, a degree can be a fantastic asset for your career. And for some fields, it’s a necessary first step. But not all degrees are created equal! In some fields, an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree is all you need to get in the door. In others, you can expect to grab those degrees, then go on to get a master’s or even a PhD to advance in your career and earn top dollars in the field. Every industry has its own educational needs, but if you’re undecided about where you want to go- or you’re looking to change course and go back to school, PayScale has compiled some very useful data about different degrees, different majors, and earning potential. First, let’s look at the â€Å"best in show† majors.Top-Paying Majors for Each Degree TypeAssociate’s: Political ScienceApparently being a Washington â€Å"fat cat† is really a thing! Seriously, though, people who have this degree can wor k in government, public policy, or community administrative roles. The top-paying job for a person with an associate’s degree in Political Science is $86,100, based on PayScale data.Bachelor’s: Petroleum EngineeringEnergy development and engineering are very hot topics right now, so petroleum engineers are in high demand. These engineers develop methods for extracting oil and gas deposits from under the Earth’s surface. The top-paying petroleum engineer jobs can command up to $185,000, per PayScale data.Master’s: International BusinessWe live in a global marketplace, and MBAs who can make deals and work with colleagues in Hong Kong, Berlin, and Sydney are among the highest paid business people. Some of the top-paying jobs in international business for MBAs can fetch up to $158,000, per PayScale data.PhD: StatisticsIn addition to a global marketplace, we also live in a highly data-driven world. Statisticians with doctorate degrees collect and analyze data to help solve real world issues in every industry. The highest-paid statistician gigs for PhDs make $172,000, per PayScale data.If none of these careers sound right for you, you have plenty of options if you’re looking for well-paid options at different degree levels. Let’s look at some of the top-earning jobs in major fields like healthcare, education, public administration/social services, and transportation.Top Healthcare Careers for Different DegreesIf you’re interested in working in the booming healthcare industry, here are some of the jobs with the highest lifetime earnings (median salary for those with a degree and 20+ years of experience) by degree type.Associate’s: Diagnostic Medical SonographerDiagnostic medical sonographers use specialized equipment to create images from inside the body, to help doctors diagnose and treat medical issues. Sonographers typically have an associate’s degree and have completed a certification program as well. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $71,300, per PayScale.Bachelor’s: Physician AssistantPhysician assistants are the right-hand men and women in any medical practice or healthcare facility. They work with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare staff to examine, diagnose, and treat patients. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $157,000, per PayScale.Master’s: Healthcare AdministrationHealthcare administrators are the ones who keep things running behind the scenes, managing day-to-day office operations for medical practices and offices, as well as planning and coordinating health services for a hospital, facility, clinic, or department. These administrators are also responsible for ensuring that the facility is up to date with health laws, regulations, and technology. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $109,000, per PayScale.PhD: PharmacistPharmacists fill prescriptions, d ispense medication of all kinds, educate patients on the safe use of medications, and act as a medical reference for customers. They may also perform health screenings, educate customers on general wellness, and give immunizations. You can find them in retail pharmacies, but also in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities as well. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $172,000, per PayScale.Top Education Careers for Different DegreesThe old saying is that teachers are underpaid for what they do- and while that may very well be true, if teaching is your calling you can still strategize about how to maximize your salary. Here are some of the educators with the highest lifetime earnings (median salary for those with a degree and 20+ years of experience) by degree type.Associate’s: Preschool TeacherPreschool teachers are often the first teachers kids encounter in their lives- so those early days of pre-reading skills, writing, basic math, and science are essential. They work with young kids (usually age 4-5) to get them ready for kindergarten. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $44,200, per PayScale.Bachelor’s: Physical Education TeacherPhysEd teachers do the important work of keeping kids active during the school day, and teaching them good fitness and athletic fundamentals along the way. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $70,100, per PayScale.Master’s: Instructional Design and TechnologyWith curriculum changing all the time, and an emphasis on updating the way students use technology in their school lives, instructional designers are fast becoming a major player in the education world. These professionals oversee curriculum standards (and how they are implemented in school systems), develop educational materials, and assess the effectiveness of teaching methods. Instructional designers work in all levels of education, from elementary sch ool to college. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $83,900, per PayScale.PhD: SuperintendentSuperintendents are high-level educational professionals responsible for the operation of schools (or school systems). In many cases, superintendents have a master’s degree and years of education/administration experience, but many superintendents hold PhDs in education. The median salary for PhDs in this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $96,600, per PayScale.Top  Public Administration/Social Services Careers for Different DegreesWorking in the public sector can be a calling as well. If you’re interested in one of these community-, town/city-, or state-level jobs, here are the career paths you might want to consider for maximum earning potential.Associate’s: Fire ScienceWhen you think of â€Å"public† jobs, it’s likely that â€Å"firefighter† is one of the first that pops into your mind. As the first responders in many different kinds of emergencies, these essential professionals sacrifice their time (and often their well-being) to keep the community safe. An associate’s degree in fire science can prepare you for jobs as a firefighter, but also administrative jobs like fire inspector, fire chief, or fire marshal. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $59,100, per PayScale.Bachelor’s: Public AdministratorA bachelor’s degree in Public Administration prepares you for managing the day-to-day operations of local, state, or federal government agencies. This includes areas like strategic planning, public relations, and disaster planning, as well as general administration. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $76,100, per PayScale.Master’s: Public Policy AnalystPolicy analysts are problem solvers. They take data, history, and trends into account to help plan and shape government and political systems. This is a job heavy on research, analysis, and strategic planning. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $101,100, per PayScale.Top Transportation  Careers for Different DegreesYou may not think of transportation as a particularly glamorous or lucrative industry, but if you have a passion for logistics and tight schedules, then it can be a great option for you. In transportation, the emphasis is usually on on-the-job training rather than a specific degree, but a bachelor’s degree and administrative know-how can be one of the most well-paid paths into the industry.Bachelor’s: Aviation ManagerAviation managers are logistics professionals who coordinate airport operations, including compliance with a complex system of local, state, and federal rules and regulations. Moving people and cargo from one place to another via air travel is an intricate, delicate, and fast-moving process, and aviation managers are the ones responsible for making sure it happ ens safely, smoothly, and on time. The median salary for this field (with 20+ years of experience) is $97,200, per PayScale.Even though â€Å"20 years of experience† may seem like an unbearably far milestone (especially if you’re just starting out), it’s a really important factor to consider when you’re picking a major, or deciding how far you want to go with your degree. While you’re not locked in to any particular path, your decision should definitely be informed by what the long-term salary potential is in any given role, and how that lines up with your long-term goals. And if you know that sticking with your underpaid, less-than-glamorous job now can yield better benefits with the more time and experience you accumulate, that can make your work life easier in the meantime.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Scientific Publications Exercise Research Paper

Scientific Publications Exercise - Research Paper Example ar dynamics simulations have shown that interactions of lipid head groups with the protein is with the help of weak charge and hydrogen bond interactions. A set of exchange reactions governs the effective binding of lipid molecules usually defined by equilibrium constant. Thus the annular site on a protein membrane bilayer containing PC and PS mixture would be occupied by either a PC or a PS molecule Author were trying to prove that the anionic lipids could significantly effect the functioning of channels. This is evident from the explanations on the lipid phosphatidylserine which made the channels active irrespective of phosphatidylcholine being present in large numbers. The conclusion is inadequate to establish their claims. Though the author is of the opinion that binding to large charge clusters could influence the anionic lipids on the channel function , they also believe that the collective influence of the physical properties of the lipid layer cannot be ruled out. It was suspected earlier that an infectious agent was associated with the initiation of cancer in any normal cell. After one hundred years of research it is established that the viral, bacterial or a parasitic infection had a definite role in the human carcinogenesis. Further, the estimates have shown that the proportion of vulnerable cancer cases could also be reduced to a level of 20 percent if particular infectious agents could be eliminated. The enquiry to explore where the infectious agent causing cancer is partially answered in the case of Merkel cell carcinoma. Some of the carcinoma condition was developed after having infected with epidemic like AIDS. The research results presented in this paper explain that just detecting the microbial genome cannot confirm the incidence of cancer. Also, it is proposed that no one can infect a person with the causative agent and then wait for any signs of incidence of cancer. Thus the authors confirm that the evaluation method that assigns specific